Thursday, June 25, 2015

Its been a long time...

Ok, a really long time....

Time to resurrect this slumbering beast and get back to enjoying myself again.

My goals are simple and order is not important:

1) assemble and paint my armies
2) build some terrain
3) game
4) post at least once a week

What started all of this you ask? Well you may not but I'm gonna tell you anyway. ;)

My son is finally old enough to really start taking an interest in gaming. Which is really no surprise given that both his parents are sci-fi geeks and gamers. Let's face it dad's toy soldiers are still cooler than his.

So here are some of our armies:

Bolt Action:                              My Brits

                                                   The kid's 1st Infantry

Dystopian Wars:

Family fun for all ages, The  Kid's CoA, The Boss's Japanese group and of course my Brits..

And last but not least.....WH40K

a very well concealed Catachan themed assault group.. bring on the apocalypse!!!!

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