Friday, March 29, 2013

RULE BRITANNIA.......!!!!!!

Yes boys and girls I've branched out to Dystopian Wars. Thank you Spartan Games! As I was already looking for a naval based game, it wasn't much of a leap. Let's face it, GW is becoming quite the bully of late and I am not all that impressed.

So after seeing a game or two turn up at Marscon this past January I decided to take a look. I liked the Brits and my buddy Aiden jumped over too the Russians. My wife is even curious, she's trying to take over my

So far Aiden and I managed a short game to work out the mechanics of the game and had a rather good time of it.

I'm liking the consistent scale of the miniatures, they look great and paint up fast. No more excuses for playing with unpainted figs. The squadron activation game mechanic keeps things moving along nicely and the whole exploding d6 concept can lead to some very interesting outcomes for the smaller "weaker" units.

Will I stop playing 40k, nope. Now I have a nicer option and I like options...;)

Now presenting my WIP KOB: Task Force Indefatigable:

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