Sunday, November 28, 2010


Thanksgiving has come and gone again, still in a fog from all the turkey, must resist napping......

I spent most of my recent time off working on a couple of projects I've had on the shelf for awhile.

First up, Karl sporting his new ride.....

Isn't he just adorable. Yes, the imperial dragon my not be the best choice, but he'll be loads of fun for a turn or two.

Next we have the almost complete 3rd platoon....

Yes, I said almost complete. I still have to aquire two chimeras, a second special weapon squad and three heavy weapon squads, thinking a third mortar and two lascannon equipped.

I'll be painting Karl the old fashioned way, taking my time. The 3rd plt, I've decided, I paint using the army painter green color primer, and quick shade. The more I've seen the army painter stuff used the more I like it for painting large blocks of troops and vehicles. I've already switched to using their brushes, when my GW ones finally wore out, with nice results.

Well, that's all for now, until next time........

Friday, November 19, 2010

The project backlog.......

My oh my how stuff starts to pile up.....

Ok, I admit it. I suffer from the "oh look shiney syndrome". Can't help it the way I am. What doe this translate into, way to many projects "in the works". I just got done straightening up my work space and sorting though various piles of boxes and bits..... well, I have enough stuff to keep me busy for the next ten years!

Why, well, I have a master plan for both my Empire and Imperial Guard armies, about 10,000+ points worth... each. Plus any assorted terrain projects I can cook up. (Thank you Mr. Bugbait over at Warseer). How does this fit into actual game mechanics? Don't really care. I enjoy the modeling aspect of this hobby and when I do get to play, it usually involves large battles. I may not win a whole lot but I have a lot of fun!! For some reason fielding 3 full IG platoons makes some people nervous;)

So just what do I have going to look forward to in the comng months...

Hector Rex w/retinue
3 squads of stormtroopers
2 chimeras
1 hellhound
1 sentinel
3rd platoom
2nd platoon
3rd veteran squad

Karl Franz on a dragon (because I can)
swordsmen lots of swordsmen
3 great cannon
steam tank
more greatswordsmen
more flagellents

painting, painting and more painting.......

1 Fortress... well everybody should have a home, right?

Oh, look.. its a warjack..;)