Monday, December 5, 2011

Forgeworld: A love/hate relationship

Forgeworld, resin crack of the Warhammer 40k/Fantasy gaming community. There stuff looks great and makes for nice additions to any existing army. I've build a Vulture, Rex and his boys, Ramilies Class Starfort and have started in on a second Griffon Mortar.

My only complaint, their quality can be a bit off. I don't mind bent and twisted parts, that's easily taken care of with a bit of hot water. Now if they'd get their act together and get some consistancy between the kits. The gaps then need to be filled are a pain in the buttocks.....

The below photo illustrates this point. Mortar on left went together fairly well. The right one, you can see the 5mm strip of plastic card that had to be inserted to cover the front gap. Additionally, there is a 3mm gap along the right side off the upper and lower portion that no amount of hot water flexing is gonna fix.


Thank goodness for cammo-netting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally finished.....

May I present.....

1st platoon, Company A, 2nd Catachan:

Ok, so not quite finished. It took me six months to get to this point, but all that's left to do is a bit of work on the bases. There were 69 of them after all. Oh, and a couple of Chimeras still need to be finished. Really that's it for these guys...:)

Now at the rate I'm going its gonna take another year before I get the other two platoons finished. The second platoon will pretty much mirror the first. The third, well that's a whole different matter. The third will be the support platoon, loaded with heavy weapons. That platoon is actually completely assembled and slated to be painted next. The second, well, one word:boxed.

Finishing tip: 50/50 mix future floor wax/water, let dry about 5hrs add second coat of Vallejo Matte sealer. No more smelly aerosol sprays. Makes the wife and pets happy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The grand scheme of things.......

Well, with all the grand ideas I've got cluttering up the old attic, its about time I started putting thing in order. Everyone seems to like background fluff, organizational charts, graphs, etc. Besides having stuff written out at least keeps things on track, right?

My friend Jim and I were sitting around painting awhile back an came to the rather shocking realization that between the two of us we are well on our way to being able to field and entire combined arms Imperial Guard regiment. I've got the foot slogging Catachans and Jim has the Steel Legions well represented. Jim has also managed to scrounge up a number of Titans, at last count 5, if i recall correctly. keep myself on track, I had decided that Col. Stracken would be charged with command of a augmented infantry battalion something along these lines:

BN HQ consisting of its command squad, supported by ogyrns, stormtroopers and at least one commisar. A squadron of vendettas and vultures for air support.

Company A: rifle company: HQ squad, 3 veteran squads(scouts, sort of) and 2 rifle platoons of 4 infantry squads, 2 heavy weapon squad and 2 special weapon squads. Support platoon: 4 squads w/hvy weapons, maxed out heavy weapon squads. Supported by Chimeras and an attached valkyrie squadron.

Company B: refer to above

Company C: Just gonna go for the veteran air assault group......ala Apocalypse Now!!

Company D: Tank company

Company E: Recon company: Sentinal HQ Sqdrn, 2 Sentinal sqdrns, 1 Hellhound Sqdrn

Company F: Artillery: HQ, Griffon Battery, Basilisk Battery, Manticore Battery(maybe)

After that, through in a smattering of Grey Knights and Salamander space Marines...OH MY!

Remember boys and girls, for me its all about the modeling and fluff. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

So life gets in the way......

Ok, so like most everyone else I have a real life, a very busy life. Thus, my hobbies get pushed to the back burner. I may not have been getting much done lately but I have been keeping track on the goings in the 40k world.

Thanks to those of you out there who do post quite regularly. I have picked up quite a bit of useful paining/modeling tips that I am now beginning to put to use. Again, my thanks to all of you out there. Especially to Admiral Drax, that paint chart idea...outstanding!

Now for what I have been working on.....

Hector and the boys were finally finished. He'll get a full retinue in the future. I may even add in some grey knights, maybe.

1st Platoon Co A 1/2nd Catachan is finally getting some much deserved attention.

squad 113

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"By the authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind..."

...comes the Inquisitor.

Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex and crew. I've had these guys sitting around since Gamesday last year, figure its abut time to finish them. I'd been waiting for the new codex to come out before doing anything with them. Now I just have to pick-up Grey Knights codex and sort through the new changes to the Inquisitorial Retinues. I'm undecided on weather or not to add any Grey Knights in with the Catachans, but a small force of marines may be in the future. Just have to wait and see.

Too many projects so little time. Besides can't have a Grey Knight force wiping out all my hard work just to keep a secret now can I.... I guess at some point I'll have to develop some kind of fluff for my growing collection.

Now I have to admit that Rex here has been the most detailed mini I've attempted to paint so far. While I have some touch up to do here and there, I think he turned out pretty darn good for my 3 foot rule.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And a commisar shall lead them........

That is until the second squad sergeant frags him, but then you take your chances with Catachans...;)

Well so much for my New Years resolution of posting once per month. Anyhow, I finally finished painting my stormtooper squads. Quite the swarmy looking bunch aren't they! The Commisar Gaunt figure was a last minute addition. He's been lying around in a box for awhile and with 5 squads of stormtroopers running amok I decided to draft him on in. I think I'll refer to him as Commisar Worden. Not to worry I've got a Catachan Sergeant leading the second squad to keep and eye on him.

I painted a camo pattern onto the the armor plates of the first three squads, but, after painting 30 of these guys that was getting got old rather quickly. The last 2 squads were completed in good old Catachan green.

Up next...

A squadron of Hellhounds. These will give me a chance to play with my new set of weathering powders:)

Saturday, January 1, 2011


From the 2nd Catachan RCT