Saturday, November 7, 2015

US/Brits take on a Bunker

Friday the young one wanted to have a game of Bolt Action. What started out as a US/British "training exercise" got a lot more entertaining when Jim showed up with those Grenadiers I'd done up for him. He'd been working his ass off all week and needed a break. 

Since he only has 3 squads at his disposal at the moment, and he's never played a game, we'd decided to play with 3 squads each and a tank. 

So we plopped down some terrain, all of which is a work in progress. Jim's Grenadiers defended the bunker. The US took the right flank, the British the left. 

Round One was rather uneventful. Minor casualties all around. Round 2 however, started with a bang. The stand in Panzer IV knocked out the young one's Sherman right off... oops. The British attempted to take revenge, the Cromwell, firing from behind cover....... missed.

Turn 3 resulted in the defending Germans taking heavy casualties on both flanks with the middle squad laying down heavy suppressive fire. A squad of paras being wiped out after assaulting a German squad. The pride of British armour rushing in to knock out the German panzer. 

The gunner, Carl, missed... the Fritz didn't.....

Fortunately, after having lost 2 of 3 squads and 5 allied squads closing in the reaming Grenadiers withdrew......

Basically it was getting late ;)

In other news work continues on the sandbag fort....

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Latest additions to the European Theater.....

After many years of working weekends the end is finally in sight. What does that mean for me? Regular war gaming returns to my life. Huzzah!!

So, to get things going I've been painting up Panzer Grenadiers for my fellow tread head, Jim...Its a start.

In return he supplied me with some armored support.

and thanks to Hirst Arts we''ll eventually have something to fight over.. :)

Stay tuned folks.... The Imperial Guard .. er.. um.. Astra Militarum .. gets some Valkyries...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Just a little fixer upper

Huzzah!!! School has started again... More time for Dad's.

This little shack has been sitting on m desk for months. I finally finished it this weekend.

and of course my cat has been absolutely no help.....

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Its been a long time...

Ok, a really long time....

Time to resurrect this slumbering beast and get back to enjoying myself again.

My goals are simple and order is not important:

1) assemble and paint my armies
2) build some terrain
3) game
4) post at least once a week

What started all of this you ask? Well you may not but I'm gonna tell you anyway. ;)

My son is finally old enough to really start taking an interest in gaming. Which is really no surprise given that both his parents are sci-fi geeks and gamers. Let's face it dad's toy soldiers are still cooler than his.

So here are some of our armies:

Bolt Action:                              My Brits

                                                   The kid's 1st Infantry

Dystopian Wars:

Family fun for all ages, The  Kid's CoA, The Boss's Japanese group and of course my Brits..

And last but not least.....WH40K

a very well concealed Catachan themed assault group.. bring on the apocalypse!!!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

RULE BRITANNIA.......!!!!!!

Yes boys and girls I've branched out to Dystopian Wars. Thank you Spartan Games! As I was already looking for a naval based game, it wasn't much of a leap. Let's face it, GW is becoming quite the bully of late and I am not all that impressed.

So after seeing a game or two turn up at Marscon this past January I decided to take a look. I liked the Brits and my buddy Aiden jumped over too the Russians. My wife is even curious, she's trying to take over my

So far Aiden and I managed a short game to work out the mechanics of the game and had a rather good time of it.

I'm liking the consistent scale of the miniatures, they look great and paint up fast. No more excuses for playing with unpainted figs. The squadron activation game mechanic keeps things moving along nicely and the whole exploding d6 concept can lead to some very interesting outcomes for the smaller "weaker" units.

Will I stop playing 40k, nope. Now I have a nicer option and I like options...;)

Now presenting my WIP KOB: Task Force Indefatigable:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Battle Report... IG vs IG (almost)

Its going to a  great night, finally have work schedule worked out, have authorization from the family. Jim's on board, ready and willing.

First game with 6th edition rules, actually first game in in about a year..oiy!

1500 points My Catachans vs Jim's Steel Legion. We just thru lists together and went for it.

Deployment: Vanguard Strike
Mission: Emperor's Will

Can my grunt list fend off a more mechanized list.....

Turn 1

Well Jim got to go first after deployment. He was going to attempt a two pronged rush up both flanks. He was going to have to skirt some hills to avoid my waiting autocannons. Sgt. Harker and his boys were in position on the left to intercept Jim's plasma cannon armed sentinel squadron tasked with escorting his chimera mounted stormtroopers.

Harker's squad came under fire from the sentinel squadron. Luck being a fickle witch that she is... Harker was the only casualty thanks to a couple of lucky plasma blasts and cursed dice.

Now it was my turn... I was determined to avenge the fallen Gunny....

After moving to secure the right flank (hopefully) I unleashed a torrent of fire upon my enemy...

3rd platoon's 4th squad managed a luck hit on a chimera, destroying its turret multilaser.

The hell was unleashed as 9 mortar teams opened up, lobbing their high explosive shells into the middle of Jim's small infantry formation. The Steel Legion's 1st platoon command was decimated

Turn 2

Well, Fate being an even more fickle witch than luck and having a warped sense of humor, stepped in.....

Had to pack up and take wife to ER.... 

Fortunately she's going to be just fine:).

...but I'll be responsible for cleaning the house for awhile. Thanks Fate;)

Friday, February 8, 2013

But it's an organized mess.....

My wife is a neat freak....

She can't help herself, its the way she is. It is for this reason that I commandeered my oldest son's room after he moved out. Finally I had a home for all my stuff, she no longer had to deal with my hobby space trying to take over the living room. She was much relieved.

However, we have been skirmishing over how neat I keep my room ever since.

So far I think I'm winning.....

I know where every thing is....... I swear..;)