Monday, December 5, 2011

Forgeworld: A love/hate relationship

Forgeworld, resin crack of the Warhammer 40k/Fantasy gaming community. There stuff looks great and makes for nice additions to any existing army. I've build a Vulture, Rex and his boys, Ramilies Class Starfort and have started in on a second Griffon Mortar.

My only complaint, their quality can be a bit off. I don't mind bent and twisted parts, that's easily taken care of with a bit of hot water. Now if they'd get their act together and get some consistancy between the kits. The gaps then need to be filled are a pain in the buttocks.....

The below photo illustrates this point. Mortar on left went together fairly well. The right one, you can see the 5mm strip of plastic card that had to be inserted to cover the front gap. Additionally, there is a 3mm gap along the right side off the upper and lower portion that no amount of hot water flexing is gonna fix.


Thank goodness for cammo-netting!

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