Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally finished.....

May I present.....

1st platoon, Company A, 2nd Catachan:

Ok, so not quite finished. It took me six months to get to this point, but all that's left to do is a bit of work on the bases. There were 69 of them after all. Oh, and a couple of Chimeras still need to be finished. Really that's it for these guys...:)

Now at the rate I'm going its gonna take another year before I get the other two platoons finished. The second platoon will pretty much mirror the first. The third, well that's a whole different matter. The third will be the support platoon, loaded with heavy weapons. That platoon is actually completely assembled and slated to be painted next. The second, well, one word:boxed.

Finishing tip: 50/50 mix future floor wax/water, let dry about 5hrs add second coat of Vallejo Matte sealer. No more smelly aerosol sprays. Makes the wife and pets happy!

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