Friday, November 19, 2010

The project backlog.......

My oh my how stuff starts to pile up.....

Ok, I admit it. I suffer from the "oh look shiney syndrome". Can't help it the way I am. What doe this translate into, way to many projects "in the works". I just got done straightening up my work space and sorting though various piles of boxes and bits..... well, I have enough stuff to keep me busy for the next ten years!

Why, well, I have a master plan for both my Empire and Imperial Guard armies, about 10,000+ points worth... each. Plus any assorted terrain projects I can cook up. (Thank you Mr. Bugbait over at Warseer). How does this fit into actual game mechanics? Don't really care. I enjoy the modeling aspect of this hobby and when I do get to play, it usually involves large battles. I may not win a whole lot but I have a lot of fun!! For some reason fielding 3 full IG platoons makes some people nervous;)

So just what do I have going to look forward to in the comng months...

Hector Rex w/retinue
3 squads of stormtroopers
2 chimeras
1 hellhound
1 sentinel
3rd platoom
2nd platoon
3rd veteran squad

Karl Franz on a dragon (because I can)
swordsmen lots of swordsmen
3 great cannon
steam tank
more greatswordsmen
more flagellents

painting, painting and more painting.......

1 Fortress... well everybody should have a home, right?

Oh, look.. its a warjack..;)

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