Monday, May 10, 2010

Before the Imperium there was.......


This blog is for the guardians of mankind after all;)

Ah, the Empire. My first foray back into the Warhammer universe. Let's face it I've got a fondness for soft, squishy, swarmy armies. Something which was going to drive The Boss insane if I had continued to take up counter space, but that is another topic altogether.

My other really long term project: The Royal Hochland Guards

Long story short, A Hochland Regiment seconded to the Reiksguard, answerable only to the Emperor.

It's actually gotten a bit larger since that photo was taken. I've added handgunner detatchments to the units along with more knights and great cannon. The theory is to be able to field a front of 5 units supported by cavalry and artillery.

All I want to do is field a small force of 12,000 points or so...:)

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