Monday, April 12, 2010

Paint drying, please stand by....

While the paint is drying..

I'm working on building an extensive Imperial Guard army, Catachans, for WH40k, and a massive Empire army for WHFB. Why? Ah, why not.

I didn't choose Catachans, rather they kinda chose me, sort of. My buddy Jim, had a bunch of'em lying around collecting dust and since at the time he was more of a tread head, only guy I know who can field an entire steel legion tank battalion and his own Titan Legion, transfered them over to me. A bit'o trading here and there... now I'm upto my eyeballs in Catachan parts. Now my attitude toward them was kinda, yea, good way to start..., but I've grown rather fond of the little Rambos.

So, you take a bunch of muddogs, add a few vehicles (what's the IG without 'em) and presto.. The 2nd Catachan Regimental Combat Team is born.

I decided to use the Straken mini, being Catachan and all, and well.. I like him. He is in charge of the Catachan 2nd Regiment. The RCT part of this equation comes into play in the basic force organization chart and my need for coheasion in paint scheme and markings. RCT's were self sufficient infantry regiments formed during WW2 and Korea. Throw a bit of US 3rd Armoured Calvary into the mix and you get the RCT. On paper, 3 INf BN's, 1 Air Cav BN, and a Support BN.

The infantry battalion consisting of 3 infantry companies, a tank company, an artillery company, a recon company and finally a air defense company. My goal is to be able to field an entire battalion in an Apoc game if I so choose. Delusions of Grandure are cool, aren't they:)

Straken w/ his Regimental Command.

1st Battalion Command.

Demolisher Tank from Comapny D.

Some of Nork's family dropping by...

So, still have a ways to go..

I'm currently working on the command squad for Company A, the platoon from last post, two plasma tanks, a squad of stormtroopers(still tossing ideas around on how fit them into fluff of the unit). Oh, yea, few sentinels kicking around too.

Ok, I think I've rambled on long enough for now... see ya'll on the battlefield

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