Saturday, November 7, 2015

US/Brits take on a Bunker

Friday the young one wanted to have a game of Bolt Action. What started out as a US/British "training exercise" got a lot more entertaining when Jim showed up with those Grenadiers I'd done up for him. He'd been working his ass off all week and needed a break. 

Since he only has 3 squads at his disposal at the moment, and he's never played a game, we'd decided to play with 3 squads each and a tank. 

So we plopped down some terrain, all of which is a work in progress. Jim's Grenadiers defended the bunker. The US took the right flank, the British the left. 

Round One was rather uneventful. Minor casualties all around. Round 2 however, started with a bang. The stand in Panzer IV knocked out the young one's Sherman right off... oops. The British attempted to take revenge, the Cromwell, firing from behind cover....... missed.

Turn 3 resulted in the defending Germans taking heavy casualties on both flanks with the middle squad laying down heavy suppressive fire. A squad of paras being wiped out after assaulting a German squad. The pride of British armour rushing in to knock out the German panzer. 

The gunner, Carl, missed... the Fritz didn't.....

Fortunately, after having lost 2 of 3 squads and 5 allied squads closing in the reaming Grenadiers withdrew......

Basically it was getting late ;)

In other news work continues on the sandbag fort....

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