Tuesday, January 1, 2013


From Strike Group Damocles....

"Straken's Own" (for as long as Inquisitor Rex says so...)

2012 has come and gone, so whats ahead for the coming year?


I am going to post more often for starters, 5 posts was really rather pathetic!

Let's how far I get with this list this year:

finish 3rd platoon
assemble/paint: 2 Valkyries, 4 chimeras, 4 leman russes, 2nd platoon(that's that gap in the photo)
add a second vulture gunship
try my hand at scratch building sabre gun platforms
restructure my hobby room
keep hobby room neat before my wife's head implodes

learn how to use my airbrush ( thanks Mary ;) )
figure out just what to do with all the Dark Angel's marines I received ( thanks JD )
build gaming table
build fortress for said table, bout time these guys got to have a home to defend....

maybe and I do mean maybe, add some Grey Knights...

Raghnall out.......


  1. That's an impressive array, sir!

    How have I not seen your stuff before?

    1. Thank you sir... You've got some very nice stuff too. Yea, I think my wife's head is gonna explode at some point..lol